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ENCE beat Mouz to win IEM Dallas 2023

Mouz faced ENCE in the finals of IEM Dallas, perceived to be one of the final events of CSGO. ENCE coming into the game as heavy favorites but Mouz has surprised everyone having taken down some of the biggest names in convincing fashion especially after they missed out on the Major not even a month ago.

Match Details

• ENCE Vs Mouz
• Match Type: Best of 3, LAN
• Grand Final, IEM Dallas.

Map Veto

• ENCE ban Vertigo
• Mouz ban Anubis
• Mouz pick Mirage
• ENCE pick Nuke
• Mouz ban Overpass
• ENCE ban Inferno
• Ancient was left over

Map 1: Mirage (Pick: Mouz, Winner: ENCE, Final Score: 16-9)

ENCE having lost Mirage to FaZe just the day before exposed their vulnerabilities on the map to the world. Having started on the T side, Mouz failed to post anything convincing on their offense. ENCE found their individual winning every duel that came their way. The first Mouz round came after ENCE were already 7-0 up and they were unable to put up more than 4 on the board by the end of the first half.

11-4 switches have seen more comebacks than any other scoreline in CS history and Mouz seemed to be on the same track having won four rounds in a row cutting the deficit to only 3 rounds for ENCE. 20th round onwards, ENCE switched to a different gear and Mouz failed to contain them with a quick 5 rounds going their way and Mouz managing one in between saw ENCE close the map with a 16-9 scoreline.

Spanish AWPer for ENCE in SunPayus stood out as their best player with this multi-kills putting an end to Mouz’s offense at more than one instance. Other stars for ENCE chimed in when called for to give them a solid victory before going their own map pick.

Map 2: Nuke (Pick: ENCE, Winner: ENCE, Final Score: 16-10)

Mouz got off to a 4-0 on the defense but ENCE were able to find their footing by then. ENCE managed to put together a good T side, even though Mouz found themselves in the right positions on multiple occasions but failed to capitalize. Nertz stood out as their best player on the offense and off the back of his performance, they were able to pick up 9 rounds while Mouz managed only 6.

Once again, Mouz’s offense met a great start but failed to convert anything past the initial 4 rounds say them to lose the entire series in 0-2 fashion and the map itself with a 16-10 scoreline. Mouz despite being ranked just under the top 20 put up an unexpected performance to reach all the way to the Final which they can be proud of.

ENCE has now become a powerhouse, picking up their 2nd Premier trophy within the year speaks to the level that they are at. For the longest time, ENCE were written off by the community but now they are in the shape that defeating anyone is within their reach.

SunPayus’s addition turned things around for ENCE and rightfully so, he was crowned the MVP of IEM Dallas. With a few important tournaments on the horizon, before CS2 arrives, we might get to see more of ENCE in the coming days.

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