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CS:GO wins the 2020 “Labor of Love” Award at 2020 Steam Awards

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Valve’s CSGO has bagged the “The Labor Of Love” title at the 2020 Steam Awards.

CSGO has been one of the most benevolent FPS titles in the community so far. The game developers have been loyal to their project and the community when it comes to inducing in-game content and bug fixes in the same. 

Last month, Operation Broken Fang was shipped inside the game, which indeed made a  plethora of players make their way back to the game including those who had left for CSGO’s Counterpart, Valorant: A brand new tactical First person shooter by Riot. Let alone the operation, 2020 too did see a constant rise in the game’s player base during the Operation Shattered Web launched at the end of 2019.

It also does include the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic where the game witnessed an exponential rise in its player-base with tons of tournament organizers coming forward with opportunities and online gigs. 

We can further award the game for its loyalty towards its professional scene in the aftermath of the infamous spectator Bug where 37 coaches were barred from participating in officials.

Upon winning the award, the devs added,

“CSGO has won the 2020 “Labor of Love” Steam Awards, voted on by the Steam Community and awarded to a previously released game which continues to receive updates.

In 2020 we shipped a number of gameplay updates, including adjustments to multiple maps, improved communication tools, weapon changes, player pings, new game modes, 1v1 arenas, and more.

We also introduced agent patches and shipped new weapon cases, sticker collections, and Operation Broken Fang, which features an abundance of new content on its own.

The CSGO team is proud to receive this award, and we look forward to shipping updates and new content to CSGO in 2021.
Thank you for all your votes!”

While in pursuit for this crown, CSGO overcame the likes of Among Us, Terraria, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and No Man’s Sky who were placed in the same category alongside with this FPS. 

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