CSGO Walk Accuracy Bug Explained: How It Can Ruin Your Games

csgo walk accuracy bug

The nasty walk accuracy bug has been existent in CSGO for quite some time now, and it might be ruining your CSGO games if you don’t know the ways to avoid encountering it while playing competitive games.

This bug has previously surfaced on multiple social media platforms and several YouTubers have pointed it out. However, Valve has yet to take any steps to fix this major problem that players have been facing for a while.

CSGO Walk Accuracy Bug

In a video originally published back in February, YouTuber ‘Zoddom’ brought the walk accuracy bug to the spotlight, highlighting the impact it may have on competitive games. The issue has recently surfaced on the official CSGO subreddit once again as more and more players are growing aware of the negative impact that this bug may have in-game. 

Zoddom explains that the formula for calculating inaccuracy in CSGO gets somewhat flawed when a player crouches while walking. 

When you’re pressing crouch, the game essentially thinks you are running,” Zoddom explained.

This weird interaction results in the first three to four shots becoming heavily inaccurate while getting into a crouching stance. While this may not seem much on paper, these inaccurate shots can easily determine the outcome in firefights and may result in some easy rounds being lost as a result of this bug.

What’s even more concerning is the fact that this bug is repeatable quite easily in an actual game. 

It can easily lead to losing a round that you should’ve won and technically it can happen much more often than let’s say the molo-smoke-bug. It can happen every single round depending on your playstyle.


The YouTuber further explained that this bug can be avoided in-game by counter-strafing properly. However, the “unintuitive” nature of the glitch has still led to an outburst in the community demanding Valve to fix the issue at the earliest. 

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