CSGO Pro Xantares banned on Twitch

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BIG Clan’s professional CSGO player İsmailсan “XANTARES” Dörtkardeş has been banned on Twitch on 27th June, the player confirmed via Twitter.

XANTARES can be often found streaming FPL Pugs on Twitch and is widely regarded as one of the best aimers in the game. His mechanical prowess is evident from his streams and it’s safe to say that his fans dig it, though his streams aren’t the most family-friendly ones out there, we all know CSGO’s reputation when it comes to toxicity.

On 27th June, XANTARES was surprisingly banned from the platform without any apparent reason in sight unless the player discloses. The ban will keep him away from streaming for 7 days and an email explain the ban from Twitch is due too.

It is unlikely that Twitch will disclose anything remotely close to the reason but a second ban puts him in hot water as one more could result in him getting permanently banned from the platform. XANTARES confessed about his enthusiasm towards regularly streaming on the platform but felt dejected once Twitch decided to ban him.

The 7 days ban might be a blessing in disguise as BIG Clan is preparing for IEM Cologne, which is scheduled for the coming week and the German-Turkish line-up must take up some much-needed practice as they failed to impress since their initial uprise in the early online era.

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