Here’s How Ex CSGO Pro PashaBiceps Entry Into MMA Went

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Former Professional Player and CSGO Legend Jarosław “pashaBiceps” Jarząbkowski forayed into the world of MMA, adding another medal to his esteemed name and career. Pasha has had a remarkable career in CSGO, winning various titles including a CSGO Major. After retiring from professional play, pashaBiceps turned to streaming and is signed to Team Liquid at the moment.

Apart from the world of esports, pashaBiceps is now an MMA fighter as well and participated in his first fight at the Polish Gala High League PL. pashaBiceps has been a keen gym enthusiast and Bodybuilder, hence the name, and has now taken the next step by starting his career in MMA.

Pasha took on Influencer and Bodybuilder Michal “OwcaWK” Owczarzak, and got through him with ease as he finished the bout in just 2 rounds. The fight isn’t your typical MMA fight but rather ‘dirty boxing formula with small gloves to MMA.’, according to the Polish Major winner. OwcaWk was also making his MMA debut with this fight and went toe to toe with pasha at the start.

In the first round, the battle was almost even as both showed signs of this being their debut fight. Towards the end though, pashaBiceps had a knockdown on his adversary Owca, which sent the bodybuilder stumbling. 

After getting back in his groove, round two started and owca tried to be aggressive towards pasha. pashaBiceps was all too aware and was able to dodge and land a right hook on his face. He followed it up with multiple blows to his face and cornered him until the referee had to step in and declare submission to strikes.

According to owca’s Instagram, he suffered a broken eye socket and a retina issue because of the fight.

There was an outpour of support for pasha from the world of esports. Be it Pro players like Christopher ‘GeT_RiGhT’ Alesund, Alex ‘ALEX’ McMeekin and Gabriel ‘falleN’ Toledo, casters such as Jason ‘moses’ O’toole, Anders Blume, the official FACEIT Account, the VP of IEM ‘carmac’ or even the Official CSGO account, everyone changed their Twitter profile pictures to that of PashaBiceps, to show him their support.

The official CSGO account congratulated pasha after his fight as well. 

This isn’t the first time that high-profile celebrities are getting into the world of MMA. it started with KSI vs Logan Paul in 2019 and has continued since, with Logan Paul fighting Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. in June 2021 being the latest one.

pashaBiceps has no plans for stopping and said that this was only the beginning, signaling to the fact that he will continue his stint in MMA

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