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Cloud9 Dominates G2 in Blast Fall Showdown Semifinals

In what appears to be the final event before we transition to CS2, Cloud9 has reached the finals of Blast Premier Fall Showdown. The CIS side will play the grand final against BIG Clan on 8th October, Sunday 21:30 IST.

G2 came into the match off the back of an unconvincing victory against OG while Cloud9 following their roster shuffle has been pickup up moment at an alarming pace. While everything pointed towards an exciting match, it was the CIS team that had an edge coming into the semi finals of the Blast Fall Showdown.

Map 1 Anubis (Picked By – Cloud9; Winner – Cloud 9)

G2 Esports got off to a good start on a map where they have had mixed results historically. G2’s individuals were able to pick up rounds off the back of their sheer talent while Cloud9 looked much better as a unit. Anubis being a T sided map, helped Hooxi and co pickup 9 rounds on thier offence but little did they know, thats all they were gonna get from this map.

Swapping from a 9-6 scoreline, G2’s defence fell flat on the face of Cloud9’s steller T side that cut through everything. G2 were unable to post a single round as Cloud9 went on a 10 rounds winning streak to take the game to Inferno. sh1ro and H0bbit stood out the best players for Cloud9 with a rating of 1.45 and 1.24 respectively.

Map 2 Inferno (Picked By – G2; Winner – G2)

Inferno is usually the map where G2 clench out vicotries. A map they have shown prowess historically but that often counted on the indiviudal brilliance of thier stars. Having started with a dominant CT side, G2 quickly went 10-5 up in the first half as hooxi’s exceptional reading of the game caused all sorts of problems for electronic and co.

Moving on the second half, C9 were able to get levelled with a 11-11 scoreline and looked like they were able to walk away with the map without any probems thats when G2 came up with a eco win to turn the tides. m0nesy, niko, huNter, jks all chimed in with pistol kills to prevent Cloud9 from taking the lead. Upon the 23rd round, G2 found their footing and quickly raced to their 16th round win dropping no more than two rounds in the process. Everyone besides the IGL stepped up with a balaced scoresheet making it hard to point out one exceptional performer.

Map 3 Anubis (Picked By – Decider; Winner – Cloud9)

Despite a good start with a pistol win, G2’s Anubis hasn’t exactly been ready to take on the top tier oppositon in recent times. Cloud9 were quick to respond and did not let any more than two rounds to slip on their defence, thus posting a very dominant 10-5 half which looked like nothing short of a mountain to climb for G2.

G2’s poor form from the first half did not improve and resulted in a landslide victory for Cloud9. Having won 10 rounds in the first haf, they only let G2 have 4 more rounds before closing the map to book a spot in the grand finals of Blast Premier Fall Showdown. sh1ro yet again, along with Ax1le stood out as the best performer with 27 and 25 kills respectively and combined they became too much for G2 to handle.

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