CSGO Ban wave: Thousands of Boosted Accounts Reportedly Banned

According to reports from multiple sources, a recent CSGO ban wave has wiped out thousands of accounts that used unfair means to boost their accounts. These include players who have used bots or other unethical ways to boost their accounts to Prime or to reach a specific rank.

This follows the massive update that CSGO received on June 3rd. Through the update, Valve implemented a paywall behind ranked matchmaking in CSGO, rendering non-prime players unable to queue for ranked.

A ban wave like this would seem logical, since accounts that used unfair methods to boost themselves to Prime would violate the point of this new update, and it’s only expected that Valve would take appropriate countermeasures.

It’s still unclear if the accounts caught in the ban wave included cheaters as well. However, the prime focus of today’s bans seem to be account boosters.

Moving forward, account boosting is expected to be curbed severely since players can no longer earn XP or drops from non-prime accounts. Newer players can choose to buy the Prime upgrade within the next two weeks to retain their achievements and levels, as confirmed by Valve earlier.

CSGO Accounts That Got Banned: