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Astralis Send fnatic packing from IEM Katowice 2022

The two time IEM Katowice winners will face G2 to have a shot at the last quarter’s berth.

Danish CSGO team Astralis beat fnatic 2-1 in their lower bracket matchup to stay alive at Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2022. Having lost to FURIA on day 1, after qualifying through the play-ins, Astralis were on the verge of elimination, once vs ENCE and now vs fnatic but bounced back both times to set up a clash with G2 for a quarters spot. 


  • fnatic removed Dust2
  • Astralis removed Vertigo
  • fnatic picked Inferno
  • Astralis picked Overpass
  • fnatic removed Mirage
  • Astralis removed Nuke
  • Ancient was left over

MAP 1: Inferno (Astralis 16-11 fnatic)

MAP 2: Overpass (Astralis 6-16 fnatic)

MAP 3: Ancient (Astralis 19-15 fnatic)

fnatic started Inferno with blistering pace. ALEX called a delectable T side, just like he did vs G2 and it paid off. fnatic claimed a 6-0 lead and then went 8-1. But  the Danes found their rhythm and the run stopped there as the half ended with an 8-7 lead for fnatic, in what looked like a blowout at the start. 

After the switch it was gla1ve’s turn to show his in-game leading experience and that he did. Astralis found 8 of the first 10 rounds of the T side as fnatic crumbled. After the initial flurry the swedes found just 3 rounds and it wasn’t enough as they lost 16-11 with a good comeback from Astralis.

On astralis’ pick Overpass, fnatic hammered them. Good reads from ALEX and miraculous AWPing from country mate smooya helped fnatic to 12 CT rounds, taking an almost insurmountable lead.

They went into the T side needing just 4 and started off by taking the pistol to make it 15-3. Astralis found 3 of their own as fnatic cooled off a bit but they got the 1 necessary round needed to stomp Astralis on their own map 16-6.

The final map of Ancient was as close as it could get for the two sides. 

Both the halves were neck and neck at 8-7, with the CT’s having a slight edge each time. fnatic looked set to close it out as Astralis, who were up 14-12 on the CT side, now looked at a 15-14 trail with fnatic raring to go. But the last round went in the favor of the CT’s and the game continued.

Rifler Brollan and smooya did their best to remain in contention and pushed the game into overtime. Both the players had 30 kills each but fnatic needed a little more from KRIMZ who had just 16 frags. 

In OT Astralis were as dominant as can be and didn’t lose a single round to end the map 19-15 and set up an LB final date with G2 esports for a quarter-final spot at IEM Katowice 2022.

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