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CSGO Skins Allegedly Stolen – Steam Support Staff Involved

CSGO Skins Allegedly Stolen: Millions of dollars in Counter Strike: Global Offensive skins were stolen in the past few years and freshly surfaced allegations suggest that the support staff outsourced by Valve were involved.

The allegation is brought forward by a Russian YouTuber, Mzkshow in a video, where he explains that a hacker who goes by the alias Alexander has conspired with one or more members of the support staff and strained out accounts that were inactive for a long time but has valuables in the form of CSGO skins.

Once an account is targeted, the alleged support staff would get hold of their credentials and the hacker would log in and ship the skins to another account upon which they would be sold on a 3rd party website and the gamers buying them have no idea that they were paying for stolen goods, once sold on a 3rd party website with a bot, it would be near impossible to keep track.

Mzkshow added that once the items were sold, the hacker would delete all accounts involved and start afresh. Other members of the support staff figured out what was happening and started doing it themselves.

He further adds that Valve was made aware of the scam and asked the outsourcing company to conduct an internal investigation as a result of which the entire feel of support staff was fired.

While many are still unaware that what happened, one user with an inventory of $3 million reported the issue and Valve came through, they reversed his and many other traders upon which the buyers were only left with a message stating  “The items in question were removed from your account because they were received from an account that was compromised through a support help request, for which the CS:GO team takes responsibility. We have reversed the trades and removed them from any account which received them.”.

It is unclear if they were able to recover the money they paid unknowingly given that there are third-party websites involved. If you are one of those unlucky buyers then the chances of you getting your actual money back are slimmer than you think.

While there is no concrete way to prevent this from the user’s end, Valve can control how much information the support staff have access to or they start hiring support staff themselves instead of outsourcing. As of now, the number of support staff are cut short and now we are yet to see what they have planned for the coming months.

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