CSGO Servers Are Down in South Africa

CSGO Source 2

If you’re a CSGO player who is having trouble connecting to the game’s servers, it might not be the fault of your internet connection. CSGO servers throughout South Africa are currently down for unknown reasons and players throughout the region are unable to play the game.

In case you’re finding yourself unable to launch CSGO or join a game, you can check for yourself if CSGO servers are down.

There are a number of websites to check the server statuses of popular games like CSGO or DOTA 2, and even the server status of Steam itself. One of the most reliable websites to check server issues is steamstat.us. The website shows detailed statistics on the statuses of game coordinators of Dota 2, Artifact, CSGO, and TF 2 along with reports of server outages.

Another renowned website to check server outages is a down detector. Besides those, you can always follow TalkEsport to see the latest updates on server outages throughout the world.

When Will CSGO Servers Be Back?

At the time of writing, it’s still unclear when the CSGO servers in South Africa will go live again. CSGO players are advised to keep checking the aforementioned websites to know more about the current server status.