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When Does CSGO Operation Broken Fang End?

While Valve hasn’t provided an official date on when will the tenth CSGO operation end, dataminers have dug up game files to find the suspected end date of Operation Broken Fang.

The second week of Operation Broken Fang is about to reach its conclusion, and only a few hours remain before a new set of weekly missions arrive.

While the tenth CSGO operation has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the CSGO community, a lot of players are eager to know when will the Operation end so that they’re able to properly assess the time they have left to complete all the missions stars. Today, we might have the answer you’re looking for.

When will Operation Broken Fang end?

A good portion of CSGO players are claiming that Operation Broken Fang is the best CSGO operation to date, and that’s why none of us want it to end soon.

According to some data miners who have dug deep into the game files, the Operation will come to an end on 9th March 2020.

The final set of missions will be given to the players sixteen weeks from the beginning of the operation.

However, the possibility of ‘extension’ can’t be eliminated either. During Operation Shattered Web, we have seen Valve provide players with a month extension to give them adequate time to complete their missions.

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