CSGO: NiKo reveals FaZe Clan’s plan with their roster

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Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovac has recently opened up about FaZe Clan plans going into the upcoming tournaments in an interview given to HLTV.org during OMEN by HP 1 versus 1 challenge. Niko has admitted about his poor form during the major, and how it was the worst tournament of his life and a roster change was imminent after such a disaster. Filip ‘NEO’ Kubski was the first head to fall leaving the IGL shoes hanging while NAVI announced the signing of Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovács, two spots are open in the European roster.

We have asked around to see if Aleksib would fit our team and we basically decided he isn’t the right fit for us so we will not be getting him nor have we even been close to talking to him about it

Rumors have floated around about signing of the likes of Aleksib, Coldzera, and Broky, but as it seems Aleksib who seemed to be the closest to joining FaZe is completely out of the picture as Niko states he would be an improper fit given his success as an IGL with ENCE. Niko publicly stated that Broky has been practicing with them and has integrated well, he will be standing in for them during the upcoming two events which are the ESL One New York and ESL Pro League Season 10. The only concern with the Latvian player lies in the fact that he is still young and an unknown element in LAN events, Niko also stressed on the fact about how they have never met him.

I feel like me and coldzera are on the same page when it comes to CS and even outside of CS, so it’d definitely be great to play with him

Coldzera reportedly offering to pay a part of his buyout clause, the signing of GuardiaN by NaVi which must have left FaZe with some extra cash and with shrewd negotiators combined the $1 million buy out clause for the Brazilian is growing less of a worry.

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