CSGO: Kjaerbye Makes Return With Endpoint signing

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After nearly a year-long hiatus from the active competitive CS:GO scene, Danish star Markus “Kjaerbye” Kjærbye has finally made his return to the game after signing with Endpoint.

As confirmed by Endpoint in a recent announcement, Kjaerbye has joined the European org as their fifth player to finalize the Endpoint roster.

“I’m delighted to say I have found the ideal place to pick up my rifle again with Endpoint”, Kjaerbye said, according to a recent press release by Endpoint. “The people behind Endpoint, and the culture they have created, have again and again shown they have the structures to allow players to maximise their potential, which is exactly what I’m looking for.”

The move comes after Mohammad “⁠BOROS⁠” Malhas benched himself from the Endpoint roster to be able to pursue other opportunities.

The last time Kjaerbye was seen competing in the active CS:GO scene was way back in mid-2021 when he was a part of the ex-North project known as HYENAS. The 24-year-old had joined the HYENAS roster after a short and unsuccessful run with FaZe which disbanded shortly afterward.

Kjaerbye voluntarily stepped away from the game in June 2021, citing mental health issues and a lack of hunger and dedication to the game.

“It’s a truly exciting prospect to be able to bring Markus into the Endpoint CS team,” Endpoint CEO Adam Jessop said in a statement. “There is no denying the caliber of talent and experience he will bring to the lineup. After having a number of conversations with him, I fully believe that he is as passionate and focused as ever, ready to continue his CS career again, and that we can help him along that journey.”

Following the signing of Kjaerbye, the current roster of Endpoint consists of the following players:

  • Joey “⁠CRUC1AL⁠” Steusel
  • Max “⁠MiGHTYMAX⁠” Heath
  • Kia “⁠Surreal⁠” Man
  • Guy “⁠Nertz⁠” Iluz
  • Markus “⁠Kjaerbye⁠” Kjærbye
  • Allan “⁠Rejin⁠” Petersen (coach)

Fans will be able to see the new Endpoint roster in action when they compete in the upcoming ESL Pro League Conference Season 16, which is set to kick off on June 15.

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