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CS:GO Hits 1.4 Million Concurrent Players Amid Rumors of Source 2 Update

In an exciting turn of events, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) has once again broken its previous record of concurrent players. The new record, standing at 1,420,183, has surpassed the previous record of 1,320,219 players.

Photo: SteamDB

This increase in player count can be attributed to the rumors of the Source 2 update, which have been circulating within the game’s community.

The Rumors Surrounding Source 2 Update

In early March, rumors about ‘CSGOS2’ started spreading when references to the term were discovered in NVIDIA driver updates. It has led to a flurry of speculations in the community, with eSports journalist and analyst, Richard Lewis, adding his voice by claiming that the update is forthcoming. The rumors of the update seem to have piqued the interest of players, leading to a significant surge in player count.

CS:GO’s Popularity

CS:GO has always been a popular game, with a committed player base, and its popularity has only continued to grow over the years. In 2020, the game saw a peak of around 1,300,000 concurrent players due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the increasing number of people staying at home. However, the recent rumors have seemingly caused a surge of interest in the game, leading to an increase in player count.

The Future of CS:GO

It’s unclear when the update will arrive, but there are signs that it could be in the near future. Valve has been releasing blog activity updates, which suggests that the update is in progress. As for other games on Steam, no other game comes close to CS:GO’s numbers. Although games like DOTA 2 and PUBG: Battlegrounds have seen significant all-time numbers, they have never reached the consistency of CS:GO.

The new record of concurrent players for CS:GO is a remarkable achievement, which has been brought about by the rumors surrounding the Source 2 update. It remains to be seen when the update will come, but it’s safe to say that CS:GO’s player count will continue to rise. With no other game matching CS:GO’s numbers, it’s clear that the game’s popularity is here to stay.

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