Previously known as the “LANXESS agreement”, ESL on its twitter did tweet about the latest long term partnership between 13 teams and itself. This agreement has been signed by 13 teams which do feature the likes of Evil Geniuses, Fnatic, Natus Vincere and Mousesports.

With the Louvre Agreement coming in action, we will now witness the above thirteen teams enter an agreement where they would be a part of the ESL Pro League project and a part of the ESL pro tour circuit as well. They will be able to feast on the above entitlements for an uncertain period of time which is not yet revealed by ESL.

The above entitlements will make sure that all of the partnered teams get a direct invite to the ESL Pro League and to the ESL Pro Tour Tournaments as well. These partnered teams are now the major stakeholders and alongside they would be receiving a specific proportion of the income if they continue to attend events where a large amount would be on the stakes.

This newly formed format will now set up a stellar show among these 24 teams where 13 of them would be directly invited to the ESL Pro League and the rest 11 teams would need to qualify every season. As this format attracted a lot lambasting from the community, ESL was compelled to bring a new format for their Pro League Season 12 where teams from their respective regions would compete along with the 11 relegated teams from Pro League season 11 in a single-elimination and a Best of 3 format to book their spots at the Season 12 of the same. This format would still witness some changes in the Pro League Season 13 where the rest 11 spots would be up for grabs via the ESL World Ranking.