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PGL RMR 2024 Major Qualifier to take place in Romania, China and Mexico

The CS2 community is eagerly waiting to watch the first major which will take place in Copenhagen in March 2024. To qualify for the Major, teams need to get through the Regional Major Ranking also known as RMR. Today, PGL has revealed the much-anticipated locations for the upcoming Regional Major Ranking (RMR) events. These events are critical as they serve as the final qualifying stage for the eagerly awaited PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen.

PGL has chosen diverse and strategic locations across three continents, reflecting the global nature of Counter-Strike esports.

European RMR in Bucharest, Romania

PGL is set to host the European RMR in its home city of Bucharest, Romania. Scheduled from February 14-24, this event will feature 32 teams. They will compete in two Swiss groups and a last-chance bracket, promising an intense battle for supremacy in the European circuit.

Asian RMR in Shanghai, China

The Asian RMR takes us to Shanghai, China, from February 26-28. This event, although smaller with eight teams, is crucial for the Asian teams aiming to leave their mark on the global stage.

Americas RMR in Monterrey, Mexico

The Americas RMR is slated to occur in Monterrey, Mexico, from March 1-4. This 16-team event will bring together the best from the Americas, showcasing a blend of established powerhouses and emerging talents.

These tournaments are stepping stones to the PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen, scheduled for March 17-31. The distribution of spots for the major is heavily influenced by previous performances, with Europe holding 17 spots, Americas 5, and Asia 2.

Teams who made it to the top 16 in the previous BLAST.tv Paris Major have a direct invitation to these RMR events. Others must prove their mettle through a two-stage online qualifier starting January 8. This open-stage qualifier is an opportunity for aspiring teams to challenge the status quo and earn their spot among the top teams.

As CS2 teams from across the globe are preparing, fans are eagerly anticipating the high-octane action that is going to happen in the PGL Copenhagen 2024 Major.

Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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