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NAVI outlast FaZe to win PGL Copenhagen 2024 Major

The grand finals of the PGL Copenhagen 2024 Major saw FaZe Clan, who beat Vitality 2-1 in the semifinals, go head to head against NAVI, who took down G2 with a score of 2-1 in the semis. With a vibrant live audience of 16,000 CS2 enthusiasts filling the venue, the atmosphere was electric as the two teams battled for the trophy.

Map Veto

  • Faze banned Anubis.
  • Navi banned Vertigo.
  • Faze picked Ancient.
  • Navi picked Mirage.
  • Faze banned Nuke.
  • Navi banned Overpass.
  • Inferno was left over.

Game 1 (Map – Ancient; Pick – Faze; Final Score – 13-9)

Faze kicked off the T-side of Ancient with a near-flawless pistol-round victory over NAVI, forcing them into an eco and securing a second-round win as well. Despite trailing 0-2 at the start, it didn’t take long for NAVI to catch up and take the lead for themselves. NAVI managed to extend their lead to 6-3 before Faze picked up pace towards the end of the first half and closed the half with a score of 5-7.

NAVI secured the T-side pistol round to maintain their momentum heading into the second half. A failed force-buy attempt from Faze enabled their opposition to further extend their lead as the scoreline read 10-5 in favor of NAVI. Faze looked to retaliate in the following rounds, snatching 4 rounds in a row from NAVI before being eventually shut down. A jaw-dropping 1v3 clutch from Justinas “jL” Lekavicius helped NAVI secure the first half with a score of 13-9.

Aleksi “Aleksib” Virolainen reigned supreme at the top of the scoreboard in the first game with 19 kills to his name with a whopping 103.5 ADR.

Game 2 (Map – Mirage; Pick – NAVI; Final Score – 13-2)

NAVI started their map pick on the T-side that ended with a victory off the back of a bomb explosion but FaZe hit back with a quick force buy conversion that saw them put together a defense that NAVI only managed to penetrate twice in the entire first half of Mirage. frozen and ropz had stellar starts to the map which saw them close the first half with a colossal 10-2 lead.

Having gotten battered in their map, NAVI were thrown off their game in the second map as FaZe took no time to close it. Following a pistol round defeat, NAVI stood no chance and upon losing their force buy, they had nothing besides pistols and SMGs to go up against a fully loaded FaZe side which ended the obvious way with FaZe winning Mirage with a 13-2 scoreline.

Robin “ropz” Kool stood out as the best player with 18 kills and posting the highest IR of 1.91.

Game 3 (Map – Inferno; Pick – Decider; Final Score – 13-3)

Contrary to Mirage, NAVI came out swinging in the final map of the Major. Going 7-0 straight up, FaZe failed to find an answer to NAVI’s defense until the 8th round where a B site execution put them on the board. However, NAVI managed to keep their composure and only let 2 more rounds slip closing the first half 9-3.

The second half of Inferno was pretty much a one-sided showdown from Navi, who kicked off the half with a pistol round victory and followed it up with back-to-back round wins, leaving no room for mistakes and closing the game with a gigantic lead of 13-3.

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