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Mouz outlast G2 to reach the IEM Chengdu finals

Mouz has outlasted G2 in a best-of-3 semi-final to book a spot in the Grand Finals of IEM Chengdu. Mouz came into the game having never made it past the play-off stage into the finals after the recent roster overhaul, having brushed off G2, Mouz will face the winner of Astralis vs FaZe in the Grand Finals for the trophy.


  1. G2 removed Mirage
  2. MOUZ removed Anubis
  3. G2 picked Nuke
  4. MOUZ picked Ancient
  5. G2 removed Vertigo
  6. MOUZ removed Inferno
  7. Overpass was left over

Map 1 Nuke (Picked By – G2; Winner – Mouz)

G2 despite having shaky results on Nuke, went for it to open up against Mouz. While G2 got off to a 2-1 start, Mouz got back on the board by putting together a string of rounds. Mouz blew past G2 to get 6 consecutive rounds on the board and post a 7-5 half before moving to their offense. G2 managed to win 3 more rounds before Mouz went on to win the map 13-8. Torzi was the player of the map but putting up 24 kills and 1.64 ratings.

Map 2 Anubis (Picked By – Mouz; Winner – G2)

Mouz and G2 went back and forth in the first half where both teams managed to pick 6 rounds each before switching sides. G2 maintained the lead for a better part of the half before Mouz put together 4 consecutive rounds to level the score. Once on the offense, G2 sailed past Mouz giving their defense no shot as we moved onto the next map. With 22 kills and a rating of 1.71 rating, mONESY stood out as the best player for G2.

Map 3 Overpass (Decider; Winner – Mouz)

Mouz starting on the CT side had a similar to that of Anubis. Overpass being a CT-sided map, had G2 push Mouz to the limit to end the half with 6 rounds each. While the first half of the map would have G2 coming out as the better side, the second half had them flipped on their heads. G2 pulled in a two-round lead but Mouz managed to run through with half despite G2 pulling a few rounds and cutting it close on more occasions than one. Mouz managed to break G2’s economy in the final two rounds and quickly ended the series 2-1 booking a spot in the finals. Brollan without being the flashiest player consistently delivered for Mouz posting 17 kills and a 1.43 rating.

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