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m0NESY Doubles Down on G2 Hate Train

Exploring G2's Rollercoaster Journey in Competitive CS2

G2 has always been a CS team that has housed the biggest names in the scene at different points throughout the history of esports but their trophy cabinet falls pale when compared to some of the other teams that have done a lot more with a lot less.

G2 has always been a team that walks into tournaments with a lot of expectations but their highlights often end up in “epic fails” compilations, from awful ninja defuses to horrendous whiffs, G2 might be out of trophies but never out of content.

Despite having what the community believes to be the best AWPer in m0NESY and the best rifler in NiKo, G2 has failed to pick up a single trophy in CS2 up until the IEM Dallas. While G2 looked to finally find their stride in CS2, a disastrous showing at BLAST Premier Spring Finals has got them once again at the receiving end of the community’s criticism.

“I think we deserve a bit of hate, obviously. We could have done much better as a team for sure, I’m not going to hide it or something like that, and people who are writing that we play badly or something like that, they are right in some way,” said m0NESY.

The young AWPer despite arriving at the tournament late following visa issues, managed to arrive in time for their second game but that did not help the cause. His absence in the first game had TaZ, the head coach fill in which cost the game and the result was no different when a fatigue-induced m0NESY couldn’t deliver at the highest level.

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