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Evil Geniuses Announce Exit From Counter-Strike

Evil Geniuses have officially confirmed their exit from the world of Counter-Strike in 2024, marking the end of an era that began with the North American organization signing the former NRG roster back in September 2019.

Their departure was officially announced via a tweet from their official Twitter handle on January 12th.

“From multiple trophy lifts to incredible players championing our name, we are extremely grateful for the legacy we built in Counter-Strike over the last two decades,” the tweet reads. “This past year, we had an amazing group of players, coaches and staff that persevered through long travel days and back-to-back tournaments both online and offline. These individuals always showed up to every practice and game day with a smile and ready to compete. We look forward to following them on their next journey and will continue to support them as fans.”

The organization further said that they will “keep an eye on the CS scene,” in hopes of engaging with Counter-Strike once again in the future.

Previously, Evil Geniuses had bid farewell to CS in 2012, before returning to the scene in 2019 with their acquisition of NRG Esports. Since then, EG has dominated several S-tier tournaments including the BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 American Finals, ESL One: Cologne 2020 Online – North America, and others.

However, the departure of EG from the CS2 scene comes as no surprise. In a November report by Richard Lewis, it was already disclosed that the org was on the brink of exiting the scene due to a confluence of economic challenges and internal struggles.

In a follow-up Tweet, Evil Geniuses have expressed gratitude to their Counter-Strike lineup, which includes Colby “Walco” Walsh and Timothy “autimatic” Ta, while also extending appreciation to the women’s team, acknowledging their captain Kiara “m1lky” Makua and the head coach Joseph “muenster” Lima.

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