CSGO skins can be carried over to Counter-Strike 2

counter strike 2 announced by valve

Counter Strike 2 has finally been revealed by Valve after several weeks of speculation around the same. Prior to the announcement, data miners were able to spot changes in the databases that read “today” building upon the hype for the former. 

Valve’s highly anticipated “Counter Strike 2” is set to make its debut with a limited test starting today. The game promises a complete overhaul to every system and every piece of content, bringing with it the largest technical leap forward in the history of the franchise.

Counter-Strike 2 would be released this summer alongside a promise of an “overhaul to every system, every piece of content, and every part of the experience.”

Beginning today, players will have access to beta-test the new iteration of Counter-Strike. Valve also released a FAQ guide for the CS2 closed beta which says the latter would be awarded to players who have a good conduct score across their matches. 

For many, the transition to Source 2 was met with trepidation as many of the players had a plethora of skins in their inventory, and that one question which constantly seemed to loom was, “Will we get to keep our skins?”

Players can feel at ease, though, because Valve has assured them that their items will be carried over to the new game.

Players can rest assured that not only will they retain all of their skins, but they’ll look better than ever before as Counter-Strike 2 brings aboard improved lightning. According to Valve, Source 2 lighting and materials will improve the appearance of all skins and their weapon finishes. This implies enhanced visuals and a more compelling gaming experience for the players.

It’s still not entirely clear how the various skins will appear in the new game, but early signs indicate that the designs will stay the same. The game should feel more refined and professional thanks to the improved illumination and materials.

The announcement was accompanied by three gameplay videos showcasing the game’s updated maps, dynamic smoke grenades, and “sub-tick updates,” which, according to Valve, provide even more precise server updates.

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