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CS2’s Latest Patch Brings Bug Fixes and Graphics Enhancements

The latest patch for CS2 comes with changes ranging from graphics enhancements to map tweaks and miscellaneous fixes. With CS2’s dedicated player base and professional scene, even the smallest adjustments to the game can have a significant impact. The latest patch, packed with changes and fixes, promises to enhance the gaming experience for players and spectators alike.

Let’s take a look at the official patch notes of today.

CS2 Release Notes for 10/4/2023


  • Removed Model / Texture Detail: Very High setting since it was identical to High. They used to differ by Texture Filtering Mode, but that’s a separate setting now


  • Repositioned finger on AWP so it doesn’t look as long

[ MAPS ]

  • Various bug fixes and tweaks to Inferno, Anubis, Vertigo, Ancient, and Mirage

[ MISC ]

  • Various bug fixes and tweaks to stickers
  • Adjusted crosshair outline rendering for fractional values
  • Fixed a bug where disconnecting from and reconnecting to a match would result in less XP
  • Fixed the “buy <item>” command to work with the new flexible loadout system. The command will now find the named item in your loadout instead of assuming a default slot. If the named item isn’t in your loadout, the command will fail. To buy by slot, use “buy secondary0”, “buy midtier1”, “buy rifle2”, etc. instead
  • Various tweaks to automatic sniper rifle muzzle flashes
  • Various tweaks to glass impact effects
  • Added sort options to secondary inventory select panel for actions like applying stickers
  • Fixed a bug where users in Germany were incorrectly identified as users in China

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Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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