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Michael Jackson Peek Is Back in CS2: Here Is How to Do It

This hilarious CS2 movement bug is back, but don't expect it to make you a pro.

Michael Jackson Peek was a visual bug that caused a few memes back when CS2 was released but it has been a long time since anyone tried it and now it has resurfaced once again in the game.

While this bug doesn’t provide you with any competitive edge it is hilarious to look at from your opponent’s perspective. Having slide in from a side like the famous Michael Jackon pose might catch your opponent off-guard but given the slow nature of the peek, you are better off with a normal strafe.

How to do it?

  • Walk up any wall on any map that has a slope attached to it.
  • Press the forward button and Shift together.
  • Now see your character model do the antigravity tilt

Now that you have learned to do it, use it well because Valve might decide to fix it in no time. Now that the bug has resurfaced, you might find players abusing it more and more on the server.

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