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Counter-Strike Legends Join India and Pakistan’s Top Teams at Blast Draft 2024

The Blast Draft for South East Asia has generated quite the buzz among the fans of Counter-Strike as we find some of the biggest names in the history of the esport find themselves playing for the best teams of the region. The 3 days long tournament will have six legends going to six teams across Indian and Pakistani CS2 teams.

The legends invited to the event have been some of the most iconic players to grace the game. Former FaZe Clan duo olofmeister and legendary sniper guardiaN along with NIP legends GeT_RighT and friberg and finally the French duo KennyS and shox. While most of the names have been out of top-flight CS for a long time, they have kept in touch with the game through streaming and brief stints with lesser-known teams.

GuardiaN has been out of the headlines ever since his unimpressive second stint with NAVI and since then he remained out of the tier-1 competitions but continued to be a part of the community through streaming. The Slovak will play for God’s Regin in The Draft. His FaZe Clan teammate Olof will be playing for the Pakistani side Team WahWah.

The legendary French duo of Shox and KennyS will be playing for Marchos Gaming and True Rippers. KennyS has been out of top-flight CS since his move away from G2 while Shox did not enjoy playing for English-speaking teams which ended up in a failed stint with Liquid Gaming.

GeT_RighT and Friberg were two of the most loved players in the history of the game will play for Come Mid and Pak Boyz respectively. The Swedish duo has been out of touch for the longest time but their stint with NiP during the formative years of CSGO lives in the hearts of fans rent-free.

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