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New CS2 Update Introduces Performance Improvements, Bug Fixes, & More

While fans from throughout the globe are eagerly waiting for the final release of Counter Strike 2, the developers are constantly shipping out new updates to the game to improve the various aspects of the title. On September 13th, a new update was introduced to CS2, and it included a number of welcome changes to the competitive shooter by Valve.

The new CS2 update fixes a bunch of bugs that have been bothering the community for a while. It also aims to optimize the title’s performance by adjusting the water rendering of the game alongside other changes.

The water rendering performance improvements are quite apparent already. According to Twitter user ‘ThourCS’, this update has fixed the significant FPS drops that players would previously face when looking directly down at the water in Anubis.

Fans can check out the detailed patch notes of the new Counter Strike 2 update below:

[ MAPS ]

  • Various bug fixes and tweaks for all shipped maps


  • Various fixes for molotov/incendiary grenades
  • Various fixes for smoke grenades
  • Fixed damage indicators for fire damage
  • Adjusted first-person sniper contrails to reflect shot accuracy
  • Various adjustments to lag compensation
  • Replaced player elevation indicators on the radar with look directions


  • Various bug fixes and tweaks to UI elements


  • Audio mix changes and tweaks
  • Lowered occlusion and distance effects for gunfire, footsteps and reloads
  • Slight increase to stereo spread
  • Fixed a bug where incorrect footstep and jump land sounds would play on elevated edges
  • Fixed a bug where music would stop playing at the end of deathmatch

[ MISC ]

  • Changed armor number in buy menu from amount you currently have to amount you can buy
  • Various fixes for weapon finishes, gloves, and stickers
  • Water rendering performance improvements
  • Added nametag positions for all knife models
  • Allow adjusting individual player voice volumes
  • Various HUD bug fixes and tweaks
  • Added option to disallow animated avatars
  • Removed several legacy networking convars that existed in CS:GO but never had an effect in CS2

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