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CS2 Servers are Still Running at 64 Tick Despite Valve’s Sub-Tick Claim: Report

The gaming community has always been divided over the optimal tick rate for Counter-Strike servers. With the introduction of CS2, this debate has been reignited. FACEIT, a renowned third-party matchmaking system, has revealed that its CS2 servers will operate at a 128 tick rate. In contrast, Valve’s official servers continue to run at 64 ticks. Despite Valve’s claims about their new sub-tick update system making these disparities irrelevant, the community remains divided.

Previously, former CSGO professional player, kennyS, shared his experience on FACEIT’s servers, noting the improved accuracy and responsiveness. He mentioned hitting shots that felt genuine and highlighted the precision of pistols and sprays. However, he also pondered if this was merely a placebo effect. Another significant concern raised was the AK-47’s performance on official servers, which many players found unreliable. Adjusting the “cl_updaterate” to 128 seemed to rectify this, further fueling the argument for 128 tick servers.

ThourCS, a prominent figure in the gaming community, recently confirmed on Twitter that Valve continues to use 64 tick servers for their Matchmaking services. The difference in tick rates essentially means that FACEIT’s servers refresh game data twice as fast as Valve’s, potentially offering a smoother gaming experience.

Valve’s sub-tick server claim in matchmaking is now under scrutiny and the community is apparently not happy with it. Historically, the CSGO player base has preferred third-party systems like FACEIT and ESEA, especially at higher levels of play because of their 128 tick servers and sophisticated anti-cheat system.

We haven’t yet received any official comment from Valve.

How’s your experience playing on the official matchmaking server in CS2? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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