CS.MONEY Hacked: Over $1.6 Million in CSGO Skins Stolen

cs money hacked

Weapon skins in CSGO can often be incredibly valuable cosmetic items with prices ranging from a few cents to millions of dollars. With the constantly growing skin economy of Valve’s competitive shooter, the number of frauds in the CSGO community is also increasing steadily.

On August 13, 2022, a whopping $6 million worth of CSGO skins was stolen from the popular third-party skin trading website CS.MONEY. This was one of the biggest attacks launched on a CSGO skin marketplace to date.

The incident was brought to light by CSGO skin collector ‘Arrow’ on Twitter, who initially reported that over $1.6 million in skins were stolen and 30 accounts linked to the hackers had already been found.

CS.MONEY later released a statement on their Twitter, confirming the attack and informing users that the website would be temporarily down till they manage to fix the issue and restore normal services.

In a follow-up Tweet, CS.MONEY thanked its users for the support and claimed that they were working on returning the stolen skins.

It was later found out that the hackers gained access to the Mobile Authenticator files for the  CS.MONEY trade bots and managed to take control of them.

The CSGO community has come forward in support of the website on various social media platforms and has requested Valve to investigate the incident.

Whether or not Valve decides to step into the situation and reverts the trades made by the hackers still remains to be seen.