Counter-Strike’s 20th Anniversary Update: retro Dust II and AUG nerf

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Today’s update cherishes the 20th anniversary for Counter-Strike with a retro version of Dust II. However, the retro version is available in casual mode only. Alongside the homage, this update has addressed certain requests of professionals as well as the community.

The devs have nerfed AUG to ‘bring its utility more in line with other rifles’. In other words, the gun’s fire rate is slightly reduced while the accuracy is also reduced when unscoped.

This can disrupt the on-going ‘aim heavy’ meta and can seriously affect teams like FURIA who previously played with five AUGs on CT side. Eventually, this update could bring back little focus on tactical and strategy heavy game play.

In other revamps, Valve has also brought in minor changes to it’s Battle Royale mode, the Danger Zone. It has fixed an exploit involving duplication of items and the players will now spawn closer to their teammates with a pistol.

The Chicken Capsule is also now available for purchase, worth $1 USD. Patch notes for the update can be found here.


  • Celebrate 20 years of Counter-Strike with a retro version of Dust II, currently available in the Casual Dust II map group.
  • The Chicken Capsule is now available for purchase in-game.


  • Adjustments to the AUG to bring its utility more in line with other rifles.
  • Slightly reduced rate of fire.
  • Reduced accuracy while unscoped.


  • Fixed an exploit involving duplication of items dropped by disarming another player.
  • Players in warmup spawn closer to their teammate.
  • Players in warmup now spawn with a random pistol.
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