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CS2 Fans Frustrated by Inability to Play Custom Maps with Friends

The Steam workshop is home to hundreds of thousands of community maps for popular games on the platform like Counter-Strike and Dota 2. Previously, it has provided CSGO with some of the most well-known custom game modes in the title like Bunny Hopping and Surfing, which have undoubtedly played a big part in the rise of CSGO as one of the biggest esport titles of all time.

Community servers have consistently stood out as an immensely popular element within the world of Counter-Strike. They have helped the shooter stand out from other titles in its genre, and have enabled players to take a break from the intense competitive grind to relax with their friends in a casual environment.

For the same reasons, the absence of workshop maps from Counter Strike 2 at the time of the game’s launch caused an uproar within the community. Luckily, the developers were swift to address this issue as they kicked off community servers for CS2 and enabled users to upload their custom maps to the Steam Workshop via the November 2nd update.

However, the community unearthed a significant flaw in this update, encountering challenges when attempting to play workshop maps with their friends in CS2.

Players Can’t Host Workshop Map Lobbies With Friends in CS2

As confirmed by multiple threads across social media forums, players are unable to host workshop maps with their friends in Counter Strike 2. At the time of writing, players are limited to playing workshop maps offline or via community servers.

This wasn’t always the case, though. Back in the days of CSGO, players could easily ask their friends to join their lobby and boot up any custom map of their choice.

This has become a major cause of concern within the community, as players have no other option than to resort to third-party community servers to play workshop maps with their friends. It’s worth highlighting that this approach restricts players from enjoying maps of their preference alongside friends, confining them to the selection available on the specific community server they are currently playing on.

For instance, if you aim to play a specific Bhop map with your friend, your only option is to navigate the community server list and hope that a server featuring that particular map is currently active.

The CS2 community is eagerly looking forward to Valve addressing this issue at the earliest.

Sonu Banerjee
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