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Counter Strike 2 Competitive Changes Explained: CS Rating, Map-Specific Ranks, Leaderboards, & More

On August 31st, Valve shipped out a series of interesting changes to Counter-Strike 2, including a brand-new CS rating system for the Premier Mode, ranks that are specific to the maps in the game, in-game competitive leaderboards, and much more. The changes introduced to the game as part of the update aim to improve the overall competitive atmosphere of the game while also providing players with enough freedom to master their favorite maps.

Let’s take a look at everything new that the August 31 CS2 update has brought alongside it to the game.

Premier Mode & CS Rating

The developers have introduced Premier Mode to Counter Strike 2 with this new update. For the uninitiated, Premier Mode is a form of competitive matchmaking in Counter Strike which features an Active Duty Pick/Ban system.

The addition of Premier Mode is also accompanied by the introduction of CS rating, which, according to the devs, is “a precise display of your skill in Counter-Strike 2.” The CS rating is a new and transparent ranking system that players partaking in Premier Matchmaking will be able to enjoy. Players can obtain CS Rating for every victory in the Premier Mode, while losing points for every loss.

Map-Specific Ranks

Moving forward, the Competitive game mode in CS2 will feature map-specific ranks, where players will have their skill groups assigned to them based on maps. For instance, players may find themselves hitting Global Elite on one map, while being Gold Nova on some others. This is intended to make learning maps much easier for the players, and is a welcome change overall for the title.

Seasonal Leaderboards

The Premier Mode of Counter Strike 2 will feature separate seasonal leaderboards for the best players in the game. The leaderboards are divided into the following sub-categories: Friends, Regional and Global leaderboards. According to an official blog post by Valve, there are a total of nine Counter-Strike 2 leaderboards:

  • Friends – this leaderboard tracks players on your Friends List.
  • World – the top 1,000 players in the world.
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Australia
  • China
  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America

On top of all the aforementioned changes, the developers have also sent out a huge wave of Limited Test invitations. “Beginning today, we are starting the process of inviting as many eligible players as possible to the Limited Test,” Valve said in a statement. “To be eligible, players must have CS:GO Prime Status, an active Competitive Skill Group, and play the majority of their official matchmaking games in one of the regions where the Limited Test is available.”

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