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Complexity Gaming throws 4v1 and CSGO match against ATK

Complexity’s pro CS:GO team commits an embarrassing mistake against ATK to throw away the entire game in an ECS Match, after an epic 1v4 fail.

The match between ATK and Complexity in the ECS semi-finals went all the way to the 30th round. Nuke being a CT sided map Complexity were at a backfoot before going into the final round where ‘dephh’ managed to get two kills on the entry turning things in their favor, and rest of this teammates were quick on adding to their tally as they found two more leaving only Johnny ‘JT’ Theodosiou to defend for ATK. Complexity seemed to have control of the A-site when Shazam and dephh with 16HP were rushing into the site through the door and on his way coming through the vents, Shazam having already gone through was scoping into A-Main from the door angle being completely exposed towards the vent while surprisingly dephh stormed in with a knife and tagged him down to near about half HP, possibly in the heat of the moment. JT chose the perfect moment to swing out of the vents and spray down two of the extremely low players bringing this down to a 2v1 in favor of Complexity. Seeing this change of luck JT, quickly shut the door. Seeing the little time RUSH swarmed in to grab a kill but he had to open the door in doing so giving JT the advantage who was holding the appropriate angle with a FAMAS and rightfully so he capitalized on him and dropped the bomb on the other side of the door. Blamef was the only player to remain but with the little time that remained, he barely went close to the door and JT by then had done the impossible task for ATK.

Complexity’s mistake is not the worst on Nuke in recent memory. The G2 debacle in failing to defuse the bomb after ample time that remained having killed every single player on the Astralis side due to miscommunication.

ATK dominated the following game on Inferno to take the series 2-0 from the hands of Complexity and advance to the grand final of the Series 4 ECS stage, where they are set to face Team Liquid.

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