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CompLexity Disbands Full Dota 2 Roster

Team complexity one of the pinnacles of the NA dotes decides to drop their entire Dota 2 roster post-TI shuffle. Well, after Mineski players posting on their social media handles that they are actively looking for a team its evident that the roster shuffle season has officially begun.

Just a day after from when Lake took Twitter to express his disappointment at the early departure of coL from StarLadder Berlin CS: GO major and his interest in obtaining fresh tier-one players, compLexity announced that they were releasing their entire Dota 2 roster.

After, underperforming for the entire DPC season and not being able to qualify to The Internationals, a roster change was inevitable. But the most shocking factor here is that they decided to drop Zakari ‘Zfreek’ Freedman who is considered as the backbone of coL Dota 2 squad. Complexity expressed their gratitude towards him for his five years of service in coL, in a highlights/personalized message via. All their social media handles. The message reads along with the video: “For five years, Zfreek has been a rock for #COLDota, functioning as a crucial pillar of our Dota division. Zfreek is an exceptional person and player, and we look forward to when our paths cross again.”

As the founder & the CEO of Complexity, Jason Lake thanked Zfreek for his 5 years of Tenure at Complexity.

Post-TI shuffle and roster changes post-TI (The International) is an exciting phase for the community, some unexpected changes happen during this time, the main objective for this is to find the right synergy, the right players for the organization. Having a synergetic, friendly roster can go a long away for example- OG. More changes await.

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