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Coldzera and Broky seen practicing with FaZe Players


According to a leaked screenshot on Twitter, the rumors of Coldzera and Broky being involved in practice sessions with FaZe Clan pros NiKo, Rain and Olofmeister has been found to be true. NEO has already left the organization after a brief spell and GuardiaN leaving the organization looks like just a matter of time, now with NaVi showing significant interest in their former AWPer.

Reports claimed NaVi are looking ways to integrate GuradiaN into their roster but option for other possible recruits is also mentioned. It is still unclear whether it will be a permanent deal or a loan if they choose to go with the Slovak.

If Coldzera and Broky joins the team, the organization will be without a proper IGL, thus it might not be an ideal to solution to their problems. Aleksib at one point seemed an imminent signing but since the news of him joining FaZe’s steam group, those rumors have gone cold.

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Coldzera and Broky are very contrasting in terms of experience, the major winning Brazilian has proven himself with apex teams at top tournaments, whereas the 17-year-old Latvian marksman is yet to play with a top tier team but has impressed enough to get the attention form the likes of FaZe Clan.

The roster if the alleged players join will look like
• NiKo
• Rain
• Olofmeister
• Coldzera
• Broky

It is clear that FaZe will be without a proper IGL and a natural AWPer as well. NiKo, Olof and Cold has been proficient with the big green gun (who can forget when Cold earned a tattoo for himself on Mirage). About the topic of IGL, Aleksib is the strongest contender yet but still unclear who’s head will be next to fall after NEO and possibly GuardiaN.

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