International Games League (IGL) a Chinese tournament has been announced with a prize-pool over $195,000 in two installments this year, 2016.

The NiceTV sponsored event will have two different modes of team selection wherein the qualifiers and group plays will be held online, the playoffs and finals will be commenced on LAN. The event will also be supported by Tencent Sports.

Team Brutality

Both of the seasons for this year will be scheduled in Spring and Summer, each with roughly $40,000. Out of the 16 teams which play online, half of them are reserved slots for invited teams.

Eight teams will then take part in the playoff bracket, which will send the top four teams to the season’s LAN finals.

The two teams which will top the LAN finals each at Summer and Spring event will be then headed towards annual finals which will share a good amount of cash of a whooping $111,000 pool.

The season’s prize-pool will be divided among the participants in this manner.:

1. 200,000 CNY (~$31,000) + a spot in the $110,000 annual finals
2. 50,000 CNY (~$8,000) + a spot in the $110,000 annual finals
3-4. 10,000 CNY (~$1,500)

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