Chinese Genshin Impact Crossover Event Canceled After Fans Overcrowded KFC

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Genshin Impact developers miHoYo and KFC have launched a collaboration where customers who purchase Genshin Impact x KFC buckets of fried chicken will receive a code for a brand new glider design featuring KFC’s signature red and white colors. 

Besides the Glider, fans can also claim some limited edition merchandise — KFC Noelle and Diluc button pins that come with every purchase of specific KFC set meals. A Genshin Impact x KFC postcard is also available but has limited stocks just like the pins. They also decorate KFC stores in China with special posters and standees of the twins, the Mondstadt gang, and artwork from the Dragonspine patch.

While the event is super hit in China, two restaurant locations — Shanghai or Hangzhou were shut down. These two locations had their Genshin Impact events shut down because of breaking certain Covid-19 restrictions. It is believed fans had overcrowded the locations resulting in authorities shutting down the restaurants and canceling the crossover event. They did not explain what exact rules were broken, but as more fans crowd other locations, it might force more KFC restaurants to cancel the event.

While the event is active until March 21st, the images over on Chinese social media show Genshin Impact fans are swarming upon KFC’s in numbers. While the Supplies might not last that long, the Chinese officials might just cancel your local KFC’s Genshin event altogether. 

As for fans outside of China, miHoYo over on Twitter has promised more details on when KFC items will make it to other regions.

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