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Street Fighter 6 Tournament Upended by Just Stop Oil Protesters’ Paint Attack

In an unexpected turn of events, environmental activists interrupted the climax of a major Street Fighter 6 tournament, causing a significant pause in the proceedings.

The 2023 Capcom Pro Tour’s third Offline Premier event in Paris was the stage for a dramatic showdown between top Street Fighter 6 competitors. However, the grand finals were brought to an abrupt halt by an act of protest that left the audience and players bewildered.

Protesters Make a Statement

As ‘MenaRD’ and ‘Chris Wong’ were engaged in their high-stakes battle, a group of protesters associated with the Just Stop Oil movement stormed the stage. They smeared an unknown substance across the players’ monitors, a bold statement against the use of oil and gas.

The incident caused immediate confusion, with commentators and the crowd unsure of what had transpired. The quick thinking of commentator ‘FWord’ kept the audience engaged as the situation was addressed.

The event organizers acted swiftly to clean the stage, allowing the tournament to continue after a brief intermission. The fighters had to restart the match, with Chris Wong eventually emerging victorious.

The event’s interruption raises questions about the security measures at esports events, especially since this is not the first instance of such protests affecting gaming tournaments.

The esports community is now reflecting on this incident, considering the implications for future events and the balance between security and the open nature of gaming competitions.

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