Call Of Duty Warzone update adds Pakistan Army SSG operator

After a week-long delay, Infinity Ward finally has finally shipped the season 4 update for Call Of Duty: Warzone. With the new update comes a series of changes and the much-anticipated battle pass which brings a variety of Operator skins and Legendary blueprints. The battle pass has 100 ranks and players have around two months to get through these ranks to claim the rewards.

This time around the battle pass for the first time features a character skin based on Pakistan Army SSG named Urzikstan SSG I. Normally the early rank skins are just generic and only carry some color changes, but this time around Infinity Ward has made the Urzikstan SSG I skin to stand out by modeling the character exactly on one of the Pakistan army’s SSG.

This is the first time IW has added a character with such a beard, and it shows as the beard render makes it look all unnatural. IW is still far from mastering realistic-looking beards but this is a good start and fans can expect better implementation in future characters.

Although Call of Duty is famous for entertaining its users through real-life lookalike character models, but this time around things took quite an interesting turn as the Asian fans, especially the Indian and Pakistani fans of the game have started revolting on social media about the addition of character.

While one side has been critical over the idea, the other is applauding and cheering. All-in-all its just a game and basing a character model on a real-life army personal is not uncommon. We hope things remain normal and don’t take a political turn forcing Infinity Ward to make emergency changes to the game.