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Bryce Hall teases Among Us stream with Dream, Quackity, & Karl Jacobs

TikTok content creators are often found these days collaborating with other content creators across various platforms. Once such event is teased by Bryce Hall, hinting at a potential collaboration with Dream, Quackity, & Karl Jacobs in the form of an Among Us stream.

Bryce Hall boasts an incredible 18 million followers on TikTok that explains how popular he is among the teenagers. This news comes as a surprise as his partner Addison Rae was slander for attempting the same.

Having a TikToker play with streamers will advertently help every content creator as the his inclusion will pull millions of viewers from TikTok to other platform.

Although Dream is someone you usually go to for Minecraft videos so its surprising why Hall went to him for it instead of someone more trending like Corpse Husband or Valkyrae.

Though Dream is not the only one he reached out to, seems like he was flirting with the likes of Quackity and Karl Jacobs to form alliance for an Among Us stream. With such personalities involved, the stream is bound to be a blast, far from Dream’s last foray with Addison Rae as fans seem to be fine with Bryce Hall unlike they were with Rae.

As far as a mixed bag of content creators go, this collab will feature multiple internet stars from various platforms with different backgrounds and more used to produces different contents, far from each other, so it will be interesting to see how this idea of theirs pans out.

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