Borderlands 3 is coming to Steam in March, to support cross-play with Epic Games

Borderlands 3 was initially scheduled to be exclusive with the Epic Games store.

Gearbox has revealed a March 13 release date for Borderlands 3 on Steam. The announcement was made during PAX East 2020, where the studio also revealed that crossplay between Steam and Epic Games Store will be supported.

The multiplayer looter shooter has been on PC since it launched on September 13, but only through the Epic Games Store. Some PC players prefer Valve’s digital storefront, so this will be happy news for Steam fans.

Steam enjoyed a monopoly on digital PC game sales for years, but the success of Fortnite emboldened Epic to try and compete with Valve.

Epic is doing so by offering developers a bigger split of revenues and by signing exclusives like Borderlands 3 was for its first six months.