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BOOM add 13-year-old pugstar to Gamers club Masters V roster

Brazilian CSGO outfit BOOM have added 13-year-old pugstar Joao ‘Snowzin’ Vinicius to their roster. The youngster has been added merely as a backup and just for the upcoming Gamers Club Masters as it stands. The tournament though is set to feature prestigious regional teams like Isurus, Pain, Red Canids, W7M and more.

Snowzin was scouted by current BOOM players after they were left impressed with what they saw him doing in PUGs, which he often streams.

The 13-year-old might not get to play under BOOM at Gamers Club Masters V, given the fact that he is a backup. But, the spotlight will be on him and the experience he will gather will lend a great deal to his learning curve in CSGO.

Snowzin said, as quoted by HLTV,” I feel very happy to join BOOM Esports even if it is for one tournament. It really is a dream come true and I believe this is a result of my dedication. I’m ready to show my skills for the team.”

Indeed, joining BOOM, albeit temporarily, will do a whole lot of good for him considering the fact that the Brazilian organisation is currently leading the RMR points ranking in the region.

At a time when the CSGO competitive userbase has been enticed by the introduction of Valorant, it is great to see teams continue to scout and pickup young talents.

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