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BMPS 2023 Cheating Crisis: Player from Growing Strong Faces Ban; Defends With Proof

The highly anticipated grand finals of Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) 2023 took an unexpected twist. One player from the Grand Finalist team Growing Strong, GSxGodBottt, found himself banned from the game for 60 days due to alleged cheating. The revelation came after a successful report, shared by an Instagram user, skyline_cs_, who revealed the report feedback indicating conclusive evidence of cheating.

Growing Strong’s GSxGodBottt Receives a 60 Day Ban Ahead Of BMPS 2023 Grand Final

The feedback report stated, “We have verified that GSxGodBottt has cheated. Based on the player’s history of cheating, we have banned this player for 60 days and removed all illicitly obtained benefits.” The report further warned of stricter actions, including a potential 10-year ban, for any future violations, emphasizing the commitment to maintaining a clean gaming environment in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

GSxGodBottt and Growing Strong’s Response

Following this, GSxGodBottt took to his Instagram story to defend himself. He pointed to a previous story posted three days prior, stating that someone hacked his account and complained about the lack of assistance in recovering it. GSxGodBottt put the blame on the hacker for the ban, clarifying his side of the story. 

Additionally, GSxGodBottt shared an in-game notification screenshot that seemed to support his claim, indicating a login on “a realme device at 23:46.”

Amidst the controversy, Growing Strong’s official statement, penned by Ansh Charde (GSxEclipseOP), shed light on a potential phishing attack leading to the compromise of Vipul Meghwal’s (GSxGodBottt) game ID. Additionally, the team shared evidence showcasing the altered in-game name (IGN) and pleaded with the management to recognize the situation. The statement emphasized that Growing Strong could not be held responsible for any consequences resulting from the misuse of Vipul’s account, urging for an urgent resolution of the matter.

As the BMPS 2023 grand finals loom, the ban on GSxGodBottt adds a layer of uncertainty to Growing Strong’s participation. Krafton India Esports has not made any official statement regarding Growing Strong’s participation in the Grand Finals of BMPS 2023. However, it will be interesting to see how Krafton India Esports reacts as the game’s anti-cheat system itself has detected the cheat.

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