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Blizzard Cancels PvE Hero Mode for Overwatch 2

Blizzard Entertainment has recently confirmed that they will not be continuing to work on the PvE hero mode for their FPS title Overwatch 2, contrary to what the developers had promised earlier. The PvE hero mode was supposed to be the prime attraction of Overwatch 2, and it would pit the Overwatch heroes in a co-op mode where players had to work their way through various maps.

However, from Blizzard’s latest interview with Gamespot, it doesn’t seem that we’d be getting the highly anticipated PvE mode for Overwatch 2 at all in the future as the devs have decided to abandon it to focus on their live game instead.

Originally announced back in 2019 by former game director Jeff Kaplan, the PvE hero mode was a significant driving force behind the development of Overwatch, which is why fans aren’t very happy now that the game mode has been officially discontinued by Blizzard.

“In reality, what we were looking at was running two separate games at the same time with a set of Heroes as the piece that is shared between two of them, Blizzard Entertainment said in the interview. “And as we started to get further and further into it–obviously our players could realize that we were pulling focus away from the live game–but it just didn’t look like there was a definitive end date in sight where we would finally be able to put that stamp on [it], or that end date was years away and it no longer felt like we could be doing that to our players, or we could be doing that to the live game that we were running. And that’s when we took the moment to shift strategy and put everything into the live game.”

Previously, we’ve seen Overwatch 2 introduce PvE missions to the game in the form of events like Retribution, Storm Rising, Junkenstein’s Revenge and Uprising. However, these events suffered from extremely limited replayability, which is why fans were looking forward to the PvE hero mode that the devs had promised earlier. This PvE hero mode would introduce replayability to PvE missions in Overwatch 2. It’s disappointing to learn that there’ll be no plans to include this mode in the game moving forward.

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