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Blind Esports’ 2.5x Salary Hike Offer Led the Departure of Global Esports’ BGMI Roster

Rushindra Sinha, the CEO of Global Esports, recently addressed a question that had been on the minds of fans from the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) community: Why did the organization release its formidable BGMI roster? In a detailed response, Sinha shed light on the factors and considerations that led to the decision of letting go of its roster.

Sinha Explains Why Global Esports Let Go of Its Former BGMI Roster

Global Esports, known for its strong presence in the Indian esports scene, had a formidable BGMI roster featuring talented players such as NakuL, JokeR, Manya, AJ, and Ronny. This lineup, which now plays for Blind Esports, had been the cornerstone of Global Esports for about one and a half years. Notably, while under the organization, this very roster won the prestigious BGMI Master Series (BGMS) in 2022. Following this victory, the roster emerged as one of the most aggressive teams in the country. Sinha emphasized that Global Esports had played a pivotal role in nurturing and developing these players, helping them become the formidable force they were in the BGMI community.

The ban imposed on BGMI in India threw the esports community into uncertainty. During this challenging period, Global Esports remained committed to its players. Sinha proudly mentioned that the organization never missed a single salary payment throughout the ban period. While other organizations grappled with salary cuts and uncertainty, the organization went the extra mile to ensure that their players were financially secure. The salaries paid during this period were nominal, but were more  than the average income of an individual in India, providing the players with a comfortable financial cushion.

Following their BGMS victory and the end of the ban period, the players deservedly asked for a salary hike from the organization. Sinha explained that the players approached Global Esports with their request, but the organization’s response was measured. They advised the players to wait until the game’s return before discussing a salary increase.

Following this, the roster revealed that Blind Esports put forth a tempting offer. Blind Esports offered the players two and a half times what they had requested from Global Esports.

A Tough But Necessary Decision

Sinha revealed that Global Esports had carefully assessed the financial viability of meeting Blind Esports’ offer demands. Despite their success and potential, the numbers didn’t add up. The offered salary increase, even if the team continued winning events, was not sustainable in the long term for the organization.

In the end, Global Esports made the tough but rational decision to release their BGMI roster, allowing them to pursue the opportunity offered by Blind Esports. 

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