Fans of Counter-Strike can rejoice as BLAST and watchmaker TW Steel have teamed up to launch the world’s first limited edition CS:GO themed watches. BLAST made an official announcement on Twitter with a release video that featured 2 models- The Volante and The Maverick Chronograph, both of which looked extremely appealing.

The Volante is priced at €149. The Volante features a raised light titanium watch face that represents a CS:GO mini-map and the center is engraved with the iconic CS:GO crosshair in white Super Luminova.

While The Maverick Chronograph cost €299 and comes with an all matte black design that features a BLAST logo at the bottom and a Super Luminova CS:GO inspired crosshair on the right.

The pre-orders for both the watches went live on Sunday and since then both the models are sold out.

Leo Matlock, the commercial director for BLAST, in a press release said:

“We’re hugely excited to be able to join forces with TW Steel to offer the first-ever esports watch. Counter-Strike and esports lovers will be proud to own and show off a piece of gaming history while owning a highly functional and reliable watch that pays tribute to their favorite game.”

“BLAST has activated and teamed with a diverse range of commercial partners recently, which is testament to our ambition to become a multifaceted esports company – this innovative and industry-leading collaboration with TW Steel is further proof we’re on the right track to achieving that aim.”

TW Steel and BLAST also announced that the winners of the BLAST Global Finals 2020 will be awarded a limited edition one-off TW Steel esports watch and $1,000,000 in prize money.

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