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BGMS Season 2 League Week 1 Day 4: A Day Full of Comebacks and Upsets

The fourth-and-final day of Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series (BGMS) Season 2 League Week 1 has come to a close. The top 16 teams from League Week 1 have advanced to Super Week 1. A whirlwind of intense battles and strategic maneuvers unfolded on the final day, leaving both players and fans in awe. Day 4 brought to light the remarkable prowess of various esports teams, with each match showcasing their determination to seize victory.

BGMS Season 2 League Week 1 Day 4: Recap

Match 1 – Erangel: Group B vs C

The day kicked off with an explosive clash on Erangel, as TeamXSpark emerged triumphant with an impressive display of skill. Claiming the top position, TeamXSpark secured a total of 27 points, consisting of 15 placement points and 12 finish points. SPY Esports secured the second rank with 19 points, comprising 12 placement points and 7 finish points. Entity, which had a tough tournament so far, secured the third rank with 13 points, comprising 8 placement points and 5 finish points. Notably, TeamXSpark’s Pukar stood out as the match’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) with 4 impactful finishes.

Match 2 – Sanhok: Group A vs C

As the sun set on Sanhok, Blind Esports illuminated the battlefield with their exceptional performance, winning the second match. Their impressive haul of 36 total points included 15 placement points and 21 finish points. OR Esports secured the second rank with a total of 16 points, including 12 placement points and 4 finish points. Despite facing an early elimination, TeamXSpark’s explosive performance earned them the third rank with 15 points, comprising 1 placement point and an impressive 14 finish points. Notably, the match’s spotlight shone on Blind Esports’ Manya, crowned as the MVP with an impressive 6 finishes that turned the tide in their favor.

Match 3 – Erangel: Group A vs C

The final match of the day unveiled a captivating showdown on Erangel, where Global Esports made a massive comeback, with 38 points, comprising 15 placement points and an astonishing 23 finish points. Revenant Esports secured the second rank with 18 points, including 12 placement points and 6 finish points. OR Esports secured the third position with 15 points, garnered from 8 placement points and 7 finish points. Notably, Global Esports’ NOOB emerged as the match MVP, leaving a trail of victory with an impressive tally of 7 finishes.

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