BGMI Privacy Policy Update: All you need to know

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Krafton has relaunched BGMI in India after a span of 10 months and this comes with some major changes to the game client and back end servers itself. The developers are becoming extra cautious this time to comply with the regulations and keep the game running in India. Today, we will summarize all the changes made to BGMI’s user and privacy policy post return in India.

The user privacy is a set of instructions that a user must know about the clarity of how the data is used in various things and other things. There are four major changes inculcated to BGMI servers and the game itself and they are as follows.

Changes to International Data Transfer:

The user data of Indian players will be handled very carefully post the game ban. The data will be stored on servers across India and Singapore and users’ personal information can only be accessed by Krafton and authorized third-party contractors on a need-to-know basis.

Confidentiality with Data Handling:

The user information handling is also protected by strict confidentiality agreements such as NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) where the data cannot be used in any other way than it is supposed to be interpreted.

Additionally, if there is a case of data transfer outside of India, same level of confidentiality will be maintained internationally as well.

Underage user data handling policy:

If a user is under 18 years of age and has registered their account with Krafton via BGMI, they will need the consent of their parent or guardian to do so. There is also an additional layer of consent added such that in case a minor registers their account and the parent or guardian wants to remove this data from Krafton, they can contact the developers to get it removed.

Third Party Information Sharing:

Krafton requires third-party support for fully operating BGMI to its maximum potential and hence, it will be sharing your user data to several contractors and service providers that will process this personal information.

A consent will be taken from end-user for sharing this data and the data will be used by agencies for a certain purpose. The example of contractors vary from anti-cheat detection service and cloud data storage to esports tournament organizers.

These are the major changes made to the game’s user policy after its return. These are to be complied by the developers, third-party suppliers as well as user themselves to run BGMI in India.

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