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Betting on CSGO – Basics & Tips for Beginners

When you think of eSports, the first title that comes to your mind would probably be Counter-Strike, and there is a good reason for that. The game features the typical team-based style of gameplay, but it also has a lot of depth in terms of strategic features. This makes it fairly easy to be learned by a beginner but also really tough to be mastered!

Everyone who gets a glimpse of the action for the first time would appreciate the level of mechanical skill displayed. It is fair to say that Counter-Strike is the single best eSports title for a rookie to begin with. The game basics are mentioned below, and we’ve added some betting tips about Counter-Strike, too.

Counter-Strike Basics

The latest addition to the legendary Counter-Strike franchise is the CS:GO, which stands for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

There are two teams – the Terrorists, whose goal is to plant a bomb, and the Counter-Terrorists who try to either prevent that from happening or defuse it. The teams switch roles in the half-time. The team that wins 16 of a total of 30 rounds is the winner. Of course, there is a timer ticking, so both teams need to move fast.

The gameplay is super engaging because it is as simple as can be, and the moment when the roles are switched is really challenging. This is one of the reasons why the title is as popular as ever after 20 years in the field. Strategic advantages are a must-have, too. Positioning is vital during a gunfight, and the clever economy system incorporated in the game really deepens the whole experience for both players and viewers.

Decision making is key in CS. If the terrorists, for example, manage to plant their bomb while having an extra team member still alive, then the enemy team should either fight back or save their gear, hoping that the odds would be better during the next fight – now that would be a hard decision to make.

The dilemma about buying some submachine guns when lacking funds to buy the proper stuff would also be present in such a scenario. All of this turns CS:GO into something much bigger than a simple shooting gallery. It is also the reason why people have such fun when placing bets on CS.

Here Are the Most Important Betting Tips Regarding CSGO

The question you are probably asking yourself right now is how to place a bet on CS and make a profit out of it, right? Well, bookies know what they are doing, but even professionals have yet to break the margin of 60% that is more or less established when it comes to CS. Of course, there are things you should keep your eyes on if you decide to bet on this eSports title.

All the maps featured on CS are different, unlike some similar titles. Many teams favor certain maps due to different reasons – they feel comfortable playing on them or they have a working strategy for them.

Some of the high-risk bets (and often some of the most rewarding ones) are rivalries. Local derbies truly are a special thing, just like traditional sports. It is easy to assume that every team would be happy to defeat the best team in their country or region. Understanding these rivalries is a must if you want to enjoy a good betting opportunity regarding CS:GO local tournaments.

When it comes to a typical tournament format, the main thing to remember is to expect an upset to happen if the tournament is not that prestigious. Things are a lot different if we are talking about a Swiss-format group stage or some of the rest elimination formats.

One key advantage would be having the mentality to endure, for CS:GO matches can be long and grueling events. It is essential for one to pick themselves up after hours of constant losses. An ability to recognize the teams capable of a big comeback would be much appreciated, too. When the teams fighting are equally matched, the advantage would come solely from one’s mentality. A player may prove to fail each time they need to stand their ground while another one could show they have what it takes when under fire – it is all about mentality, really. A keen bettor would always make sure to check that aspect of Counter-Strike.

If you feel ready to place your first bet, now that you are already familiar with the basics of the game, you can try it out using the best site for CS:GO betting according to the most comprehensive catalog for online bookies – allbookmakers.com. There, you’ll find the most competitive odds and markets, making betting a truly remarkable experience.

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