Battlefield 2042 Season 1 is to be revealed today before the launch of Update 1.0 

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Battlefield 2042’s first major update is set to release today later with the game’s first season update going live later in the week. 

Update 1.0 includes hundreds of changes, bug fixes, and Quality of Life improvements which DICE claims are all in preparation for the game’s first Season update launching later this week. DICE provided a highlight of what to expect from the update which we have included below-

  • Multiple improvements to soldier gameplay which will result in overall smoother animations and movement.
  • Weapons received updated netcode to improve bullet hit registration. We’ve also done a further balance pass which includes increased projectile speeds for DMR’s and LMG’s, and improved accuracy for Shotguns.
  • Multiple new XP events have been added, such as for killing an enemy who recently wounded or killed a squadmate, or when an enemy vehicle you recently damaged is destroyed by a teammate and the occupants are killed
  • The number of available in-world vehicles has been increased for Conquest which should make it easier to move across the map
  • Sundance’s Wingsuit has been adjusted to lower overall flight time while making it easier to maneuver. To simplify their Specialty, the EMP Field Smart Explosive has been removed

While the highlight is light on details, a full-fledged detailed breakdown is available here.

Aside from some much-needed fixes, Update 1.0 isn’t something major considering basic features like a scoreboard, server browser, etc still missing from the game. The update also nerfs various things in the game which already feel barren and limits the number of air attack vehicles to just 1 per team.

DICE sold Battlefield 2042 with advertisements featuring 128 player game modes and the biggest maps in Battlefield history, but now with only 1 air attack vehicle limit per team, each player will now have to compete against 63 other players to get a chance to fly planes. Whereas older titles like Battlefield 4 with upto 64 players in a game mode limited 4 air vehicles per team. 

Leaving Update 1.0, the Season 1 update which is supposed to come later this week is rumored to be super light on content. As per a tweet by Tom Henderson(@_Tom_Henderson_) the Season 1 update will only feature 1 map, 2 weapons, 2 helicopters, and 1 specialist.

For a game that’s been in the works for 2 years before its release in Nov’21 and almost 8 months since its launch (including beta) the amount of content in the Season 1 update is a joke and disregards fans who believed in DICE and continued to support BF2042 throughout its rough launch period.

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