Australia fires: n0tail donates €3000 to NBK’s charity stream

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Just about the end of yesteryear, we all know how OG Dota 2 squad were the highest esport earners of the year 2019.

Also, they made their way into the Counter Strike Global Offensive scene with NBK and the boys.

Captain of the highest ever Esport earning squad, Johan ”N0tail” Sundstein, tossed in €3000 for his fellow OG CS:GO member Nathan ”NBK” Schmitt’s charity stream. n0tail is the captain of OG’s Dota 2 team and coach of OG seed while NBK is a captain of the organization’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Team.

NBK hosted his two of his four days planned charity streams happened on January 18-19 where all the donations received on his channel would be sent right away to those suffering through the bushfires in Australia via the Australia Zoo Wildfire Warriors.

NBK had set several fun tier rewards for the audience who had donated in of which some are:

  • at €1000 he would play half of a Counter-Strike match without his glasses.
  • at €5000 reach, he would wax his lower legs live on stream
  • €15000 he’s ready to colour his hair.
  • And lastly has some grand surprise if he manages to reach €20000

With n0tail tossing in a handful chunk, NBK managed to reach €7700 in his first two days itself, with two more to go.

n0tail and the OG CS:GO Twitter account pinched in some fun at NBK within a tweet asking if ”so @NBK does that mean you’ll attend your next LAN wearing a wig, handlebars on your face AND with full lower legs waxed?”

However, we can’t wait to see, how far NBK can go. With the boost, N0tail provided it seems very possible now that NBK will be able to reach a significant amount.

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