Astralis acknowledged on their facebook official page and website the signing of Gla1ve from Heroic. The shuffle came into the Danish scene after Karrigan was signed in by FaZe last week.Astralis who ever able to enter into the top 8 spot even though having two stand-ins after Dupreeh suffered ill health midway. Astralis now gets a chance to play at the ELEAGUE Major after settling their roster with Gla1ve.

Glaive CSGO

In an official statement he said:

“Since the ESL One Cologne Major my biggest dream has been to play for Astralis and today that dream has come true, It is truly a great honour for me to get the opportunity to play and work with such talented people. Astralis have been through a rough patch lately and I will do my very best to get them back to where they belong. I have always known that someday I would go back to being the in-game leader I once was. I am extremely motivated and I feel ready to show people what I am capable of. This last year has been amazing – as have the last couple of months. I want to thank the guys from Heroic for being so understanding and such great friends. A special thanks goes to Snappi, who I have been playing with for the last year. Good luck in the future with the Heroic project!”

Astralis will be seen playing with gla1ve in the Group C of ELEAGUE, where they will be competing against Natus Vincere, Alternate Attax and SK. They now have dev1ce, Dupreeh, Kjaebye, Xyp9x, and Gla1ve.